PVO™ Solutions for Pharma and Biotech Companies

Partner Value Optimizer enables Pharma and Biotech companies to make more informed and effective partnering decisions through its creation of real-time business intelligence data and analytics.  For the first time, alliances can be proactively managed  in concert with their partners with virtually no additional resources. 


PVO™ can assist these partnerships in understanding these cultural issues and allow the parties to the partnership to create processes to reduce the impact of these cultural differences. 


Further, PVO can assist in measuring value and identifying areas for improvement in these pharma-biotech and biotech-biotech alliances in each phase of development. 


For Pharma and Biotech companies, PVO™ enables the ability to maximize the operational and process effectiveness of drug and product development against budget and objective timelines from initial development and clinical trials through demand generation, marketing and delivery.  


Pharma and Biotech (R&D) and Co-Development projects require collaboration, effective use of capital and effective communication.  Processes, Policies and Personnel must be aligned to work effectively together towards a common goal. 


PVO provides the sophisticated measurement infrastructure required to optimize development projects between two or more entities so that project goals and timelines can be more effectively achieved and resources can be used more effectively.    

PVO™ is able to do this by electronically surveying both companies’ employees that are involved in the partnership so to determine the effectiveness of the development’s processes, policies, programs and personnel at the root perception level and then comparing the findings against live timelines and budgets. 


PVO's Patent-pending processes enable the ability to proactively identify and fix issues before they have an opportunity to impact results.  Over time, both companies will gain the knowledge to be able to drive out operational inefficiencies and costs across multiple development projects and within multiple development stages. 


PVO will continuously extend strategic high-value, long-term benefits to Pharma and Biotech companies as it creates a partnership knowledge repository to provide insights that will allow their today's alliance best practices to be easily modified as development technologies continue to change.


PVO™ returns a 100% ROI in its first 90 days. PVO was developed with one objective in mind – to increase the asset value contributed by a company’s alliances and partnerships.  Since PVO™ is collecting and analyzing data that has not been collected before, its intelligence and analytic reporting enables companies to identify previously unseen opportunities to increase incremental revenues and to identify previously unseen opportunities to decrease incremental costs.


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