PVO™ Solutions for Alliances and Channels 

With alliances and partnerships expected to account for up to 40% of all business transactions by the year 2010, a shrinking number of companies in which to partner, and a less than 50% partnership success rate; companies need to find new ways to gain a competitive advantage through partnering. 


For those companies seeking that rely on partnerships for a portion of their success in a rapidly expanding global economy, this needs to be done quickly and effectively all while controlling costs. 


Across all industries, there has been no real solution to assist in this challenging quest, until now.


Partner Value Optimizer™ enables the ability to accurately measure and create intelligence and analytics for all aspects of any partnership.

From selecting the right partners and structuring motivating agreements to continuously optimizing partnering results, PVO™ is the only automated intelligence and analytics based solution that enables the proactive management of alliances and partnerships for all industries that utilize partnerships.


PVO™, as the final step in proactive partnering creation and management, provides an integrated data and analytics hub for all aspects partnership management. 


PVO™ provides a centralized, integrated software solution for partnership management that, using its patent-pending algorithms, creates a significant competitive advantage for its customers.    


PVO™ assists companies in creating a clear, consistent executable strategy to optimize partnership selection, management and results.  PVO™ identifies the unexpected so that there are no surprises.


PVO™ captures, analyzes and presents all of the unstructured causal data needed to determine the effectiveness of the partnering processes, policies, personnel and programs and their individual and combined impact on results. 


A few of PVO’s breakthrough technology's benefits (The PVO™ Effect)...

  • Determines the effectiveness of a vendor’s participation in partner to partner collaboration and documents success;

  • Provides unfiltered partner feedback in rank order and then compares the feedback to results immediately at the end of a quarter;

  • Determines the effectiveness of each individual process, policy, program and person and its impact on results achievement for all cross-functional and cross-company touch points;

  • Determines the provable value (PVO Index) of the alliance or channel by identifying independent and combined independent success factors by partner and group of partners and then compares them to results;

  • Determines the best distribution of partnering budgets and for resource allocation so optimum results can be achieved.

  • Determines the core level motivational factors for each partnership employee, partnership and group of partnerships;

  • Calculates the resource requirements needed to optimize current and future partnership results including profiling the optimal partner organization for each group of partnerships and determining the skill set and the number of channel personnel needed to support partnering initiatives;

  • PVO™ is unique as a business intelligence, analytics and business process management tool in that it does not require a business analyst to search through, compare and report on critical changes in unstructured results data and information that is impacting results which means that more informed partnering decisions can be immediately upon the end of a quarter. 

Since PVO is collecting new data, it can often be installed and up and running in less than 90 days.  Further, because PVO can be integrated into most any Customer's current survey solution, PVO can start providing business intelligence and performance analytics on partnering processes, policies, personnel and programs with few noticeable changes to normal partnering routines. 


PVO™ returns a 100% ROI in its first 90 days.  Very few software solutions provide an ROI this fast.  PVO™ was developed with one objective in mind – to increase the asset value contributed by a company’s alliances and partnerships.  Since PVO™ is collecting and analyzing data that has not been collected before, its intelligence and analytic reporting enables companies to identify previously unseen opportunities to increase incremental revenues and to identify previously unseen opportunities to decrease incremental costs.


No matter the reason, market or objective, Partner Value Optimizer™ will increase both the value and results of any alliance or partnership.

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