Partner Value Optimizer is an integral part of a solid, long term partnering strategy:

From the onset of its use, Partner Value Optimizer™ surveys the High-Tech Company and its Partners, the Pharma Company and the Biotech and the Financial Services Company and its Resellers to collect information.  It takes the qualitative information that is collected, compares it to actual results and then provides reports.  Most any survey package can do this.


However, different from any other company, Partner Value Optimizer™ collects and continuously compiles data on behaviors, processes, policies and programs.  Through its processes it becomes a problem identifier, knowledge builder, results estimator and trend predictor.  PVO assists companies improve profitability as it: 

  • identifies non-apparent, inter-related issues within each of partner selection, partner agreement and partner management  that are putting a drag on results;

  • identifies non-apparent, inter-related issues among and between partner selection, partner agreement and partner management  that are putting a drag on results;

  • creates knowledge that enables companies to identify, validate and measure the effectiveness of best practices;

  • predicts results and outcomes for upcoming time periods;

  • indentifies trends and changes in partner and employee behaviors that may impact future results and best practices;

  • provides behavioral information for potential new partners;

  • reduces the number of partner selection, agreement and management mistakes being repeated;

  • reduces partnering  failure rates and failure risks;

  • replaces partner survey solutions

  • tracks and identifies partner agreement issues that may put a drag on results so that improvements and corrections can be made. 

PVO™ is a robust processing engine that uses its patent-pending algorithms to create the data needed to assist companies in building effective alliances for decades.  Some of PVO’s capabilities include:

  • Automated Problem Identification

  • Automated Change Impact Reporting

  • Automated Outcome Prediction Reporting

  • Automated Best Practice Identification and Variance Reporting

  • Future Trend Reporting

  • Integration to company business process management system

  • Integration to company Sarbanes-Oxley compliance system

  • Integration to company business intelligence system

  • Integration to company forecasting system

If what you are looking for did not make our list of capabilities, Partner Value Optimizer’s flexibility will allow us to add in your additional requirements.  Please let us know.


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