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PVO Watch Center™

In today’s business intelligence and analytics environments, it takes experienced business analysts to find hidden intelligence amidst large volumes of data.  PVO Watch Center™ is unique in its ability to search and deliver important and critical partnering insights to company executives in straight and to the point business language in real time


The PVO Watch Center engine automatically searches, finds and delivers important and critical results analysis information and commentary so that  more complete data supported decisions can be made.  Specifically, Watch Center looks for and identifies high priority changes that have occurred in company and partner response data that has had an impact on results and/or falls out of normal and established data patterns.  The PVO Watch Center takes the burden of streamlining business intelligence reporting to fit the needs of upper management and off of the shoulders of analysts which minimizes report delivery delays and associated costs.


There are three main watch areas in the PVO Watch Center.  They are labeled as Chart Insights, Descriptive Insights and Intelligent Insights.  Additional watch areas can be added.  With a quick glance, the PVO Watch Center provides an accurate partnering scorecard snapshot.  From the Watch Center portal, management can drill down and see the details that are causing change.


The Descriptive and Intelligent Insights allow executives to make informed short-term partnering decisions when there is still time to impact short-term results.  Additionally, potential policy, process, personnel and program issues that may need to be monitored in order to prevent them from becoming trends that could have real longer-term impacts objective achievement.





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